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Can You Imagine If Jon Jones Admitted To Taking PEd’s?

Jon Jones Admitting Taking PED’s

Brendan Schaub and his guest Chael Sonnen talking about the what if! What if the UFC light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones came clean and admitted his steroid abuse? What effect would it have on his career and his fan base? If he finally just opened up and said yes, I did it. And I have been doing it throughout my career.

If he decided to tell everyone the truth as to the reasons why. whether he felt he needed it or he was scared or whatever the reasons may be. In Chael’s eyes, the storm would clear a lot quicker. Instead of things getting dragged out and Jon constantly looking for victim status.

Schaub talks about Jones silence leading to people creating their own narrative in their mind. All the fights he has won throughout his career.  For how many of those was he cheating? He talks about how Jon always manages to turn any situation where he has been at fault. Into it is about how he is the victim.

I know I hit that lady, but look at everything I have lost

Schaub asks Chael, who was in pretty much the same situation as Jon, as to why he too became a cheat? With all of his tools and talents, why do it?

Chael talks about how if he could get his hands on medicine that a doctor would subscribe. even if it was against the rules. Then he was in! He says that when he was on it, it didn’t make him a different fighter. But when stopped, that was when he could feel he wasn’t on it anymore.

Chael talks about getting caught for his own PED use and the effect it had on him. And how that at the time he didn’t consider them steroids as most other fighters were on them too. Schaub to a certain extent backs the idea saying that he never felt fighters on TRT were in fact cheating. But simply helping their bodies after years of hard training diminished their testosterone levels.

Chael was summarily dealt with by the commission getting a suspension. For something which was at the time legal? Is there some revisionist history going on here? But as a result, other fighters then decided to avoid letting the commission know they too were using TRT.

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