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Demetrious Johnson vs. Horiguchi Countdown to UFC 186:

Johnson vs. Horiguchi Countdown to UFC 186 Show

It’s the Countdown to UFC 186 as number 1 contender Kyoji Horiguchi who hasn’t lost in over three years.  Faces off against the phenom that is UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, who himself never lost at 125 pounds. Including five defences of his championship title. The two combatants meet for the championship in the main event of UFC 186. As the challenger hopes to upset the favoured champ.

Johnson has been on a tear with seemingly no true challengers to his dominance. Can the young Japanese fighters upset the odds and take the flyweight title? Supported by his team at AMC kickboxing, including coach Matt Hume. Johnson has looked unbeatable at 125 lbs and has been proven time and time again to be the very best in the division.

Always in the top three pound for pound rankings, many have DJ as the number one fighter in the world. But as often is the case, Demetrious and his fellow flyweights often struggle for recognition. Will his fight against the tough Japanese fighter Kyoji Horiguchi help to promote the smaller weight class. Which from a technical standpoint is perhaps the most versatile of all the weight divisions.

Can Kyoji Horiguchi Do What Other Have Faile To Do?

Horiguchi is also a fighter on a tear, having lost only once in sixteen fights. Can the young rising star make a name for himself this side of the pond and take out the long-reigning champion? Or will he go the same way as so many before and leave the octagon on the losing team? With the Japanese MMA fanbase behind their fighter, there will be no shortage of support. But against Johnson, one of the very best to ever do it, support may not be enough.

The action goes down this weekend in Montreal Quebec at UFC 186. As Mightymouse looks to maintain his unbeaten streak as the UFC flyweight champion. We find out this Saturday night if that will be the case.

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