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UFC 191 Countdown: Demetrious Johnson vs John Dodson 2

Demetrious Johnson vs John Dodson 2 Countdown to UFC 191

UFC 191 Countdown gets into the minds and behind the scenes for the epic rematch. Between UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and his number one contender and foe John Dodson. Their previous encounter was such a back and forth battle that even though he lost on the scorecards, Dodson was convinced he had won. Mighty Mouse has dominated all comers since their match in 2013. But going into this highly anticipated bout, The Magician feels he has what it takes to break the Champion and take the flyweight crown.

With world-renowned longtime coaches Greg Jackson and Matt Hume directing the gameplan from the sidelines. It’s sure to be a chess match of the highest calibre. And it will be fascinating to see if Mightymouse is able to continue his run. As the longest-reigning champion in UFC history? With coach Matt Hume and AMC kickboxing gym at his side. DJ has defended his title six times and going forward hopes to do the same.

John Dodson Has  A Gameplan

But at UFC 191 he comes up against one of the few fighters who has been able to push him to his limits. John Dodson represents perhaps the biggest threat in the division and the champion knows this. with no love lost outside the octagon, it’s a fight that brings out the best in both men. And Dodson will be looking to capitalise on what the learned from their first fight and not allow it to go to the judges.

And with that in mind, John has been working on his gameplan for the fight. Alongside world-renowned coach Greg Jackson, who has no doubt formed a world-class gameplan for his fighter to follow. Will things turn out differently the second time around when the pair meet in the centre of the UFC octagon? Finally, all will be settled this Saturday night at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas at UFC 191.

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