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JOHN KAVANAGH – The Godfather Of Irish MMA

John Kavanagh Ireland’s MMA Godfather

In the first in a series of short documentaries, College Times profiles John Kavanagh. Top MMA coach, Ireland’s first BJJ black belt, and the owner of Straight Blast Gym Dublin. The home to UFC megastar Conor McGregor and a plethora of MMA superstars. Including Chris Fields, Cathal Pendred, Gunnar Nelson, Paddy Holohan and Aishling Daly.

We get to hear from the fighters and students who frequent his gym and get their opinion. From those who are in the UFC to the more lower-tier competitors. SBG has a wide range of people under its roof. And coach Kavanagh is eager to take on the argument that MMA is a dangerous sports head-on.

He freely admits that those at the very highest levels can and do experience injuries, some of which can be life-changing. But for the vast majority of those partaking in the sport as a hobby. The same injuries such as a twisted ankle are about the worst thing that can happen. His recommendation is to make as much money as you can in the fighting game then get out while you can.

Leading The Martial Arts Lifestyle

John talks about leading the martial arts lifestyle and how it is something that continues even after a career in the sport has ended. He believes that by partaking in martial arts and by doing things well now. The future will slot into place on its own. That whole idea about putting in the work now, to reap the rewards later on.

This short piece about the leading coach in Irish Mixed martial arts offers a unique insight into his mind. We can see where his number one student Conor McGregor. Gets much of his outlook and approach to the sport and life from. An outlook that has seen the students of John Kavanagh reach the highest of the highs in world combat sports.

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