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John Kavanagh Exclusive Interview — “I Expect Conor to go in There and Completely Dominate”

John Kavanagh on Mayweather vs McGregor

Longtime coach to Conor McGregor, John Kavanagh, being interviewed about this weekends upcoming super fight. Between his fighter and boxing great Floyd Mayweather. Kavanagh discusses how this camp has gone when compared to previous camps.

He references the Nate Diaz 2 fight and that how now. He has improved immensely since then and the same guy would not go a few rounds with Conor 2.0.

The guys talk about what was perceived as an odd warm-up Conor during the open media workout. How mimicked and joked about people. The actual warm-up is one which was done by the great Rickson Gracie. One of the most revered competitors in the history in BJJ. It was also a technique often utilised by the great Bruce Lee.

What have the boxers had to say?

John talks about his interactions with boxers that for the most part things have been respectful. They can agree to disagree of certain things and often do. But overall the boxing community has been fine.

Kavanagh talks about being able to take in the magnitude of the fight. It was something he did when Conor fought at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Mainly because it was the first time MMA was in such an iconic venue. But for this fight, with so many rule changes. He feels that he as to stay focused and will leave it until the next day at the pool party to take everything in.

John talks about how the camp went overall. With such a huge fight it’s expected that there would be hiccups along the way. So how did this camp go and did everything go as expected? He feels that things went as well as could be expected. Conor’s weight is on point, people are still getting on inside the camp.

And what is his takeaway from the camp? “Don’t box with Conor McGregor.”

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