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Joey Diaz The Little Pill Moment – Joe Rogan Experience Toon

Joey Diaz And His Little Pill Story

A good friend and regular guest on the Joe Rogan Experience Joey Diaz. Tells Joe the hilarious story about him popping an old edible pill he found in his pocket. Now when he says edible, he’s referring to cannabis or weed. So the idea is that when you pop that sucker you’re going to be high as hell. So what does Joey do with a dirt old pill?

Well after discovering the pill in the pocket of his pants which at this point was covered in dirt. Diaz gets his wife to give it awash with some detergent. So after the pill has been given a good scrub by his wife. Joey pops that sucker. And Joey says “it was stronger than ever Dogg” to which Joe cracks up.

Of course, this all happened just before he went on stage to do a comedy gig. So we can only assume how funny that show was! Joey says that there’s nothing he hasn’t had before, so he doesn’t give a feck what it is at this stage. To which Joe asks “How strong was it?” To which Diaz replies that he took half on stage and he blacked out 🙂 Cue to uncontrollable laughter.

Another hilarious moment animated by PaulyToon from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #669 with Joey Diaz.

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