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Joey Diaz’s Backyard Surprise Moment – JRE Toon

The Joey Diaz Backyard Incident

Yet another hilarious moment animated by PaulyToon from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. In this episode, we have Joey Diaz with one of his funny stories that almost always border on the unbelievable. Joey recounts the time when he arrived home and was forced to use his neighbours garden to go for a number 2!

First question, why go into the neighbours garden? Why single out the guy next door for a special delivery? Diaz has a track record of making such unexpected deliveries to friends and family alike.

Here along with podcast host Joe Rogan & Tom Segura, Joey takes us through each detail of what happened in the backyard. And how his neighbour actually found out what he had done. You have to ask yourself, would I like to live next door to Mr Diaz?

For all the hilarity that may ensue, there is also the chance that you too might be the recipient of a one-way gift from the standup comedian. One thing is for sure, you know what you will be getting. If you ever call around for a late-night drink for the New York native.

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