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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Joe Rogan Argues UFC vs Boxing Starring Floyd Mayweather & Boxing Guy

Joe Rogan versus Lou Dibella In UFC vs Boxing Debate

For the times we are in, there’s maybe no better example of how many in the boxing fraternity continue to view Mixed Martial Arts. Although from some years back, it was a classic interview. Where UFC commentator Joe Rogan takes on boxing promoter Lou Dibella.

The interview starts with the interviewer asking if MMA will peak and fall like kickboxing. Or become a permanent part of the sports culture like boxing. Joe, of course, is fully behind MMA and the UFC at this point. And adamantly believes that it will remain very much part of the sports culture. Simply because it’s just much more exciting than any other combat sport out there.

Lou is asked if he thinks MMA will stay around or even overtake boxing. But he feels that it’s nothing like boxing. And as long as they can get young white guys to watch it will stay around. Lou equates the sport to human cockfighting or pit bullfighting. Citing the elbows to the head and the like.

It’s Human Cockfighting

Joe Rogan replies asking how is it cockfighting, when it is in fact, actual fighting. Boxing to him is just a limited form of fighting. MMA encompasses all aspects of fighting including kicking, submissions and punches. And that is why it’s a much more dynamic sport.

The guys debate the pro’s and con’s, but Joe’s essential point is that this is the sport of actual fighting. Whereas many aspects of boxing are really ineffective. And don’t even work in a real fight. The beautiful shoulder rolls etc. Joe is forced to go on the defensive when Lou says he knows nothing about boxing.

To which Joe hits back that it’s a beautiful sport, but it encompasses one aspect of fighting. Joe goes off on Lou telling him that the stars that they have now, will be the last. As the sport gets swallowed up by MMA. We then get to hear from two of the biggest stars in both sports.

Floyd Mayweather;

“The guys that are in the UFC couldn’t make it in boxing. So they chose the UFC.”

Chuck Liddell on Floyd;

“He couldn’t cut it in our sport.. he wouldn’t make it out of the first round.”

Lou comes back with some good points and actually references an MMA fighter probably not being able to deal with the science of a Floyd Mayweather.

Joe wraps things up by explaining that many of the guys in MMA came from wrestling and other similar sports. The UFC offered them an avenue to become a professional, where before there was none. The interview ends on a positive note as Joe blows Lou a big kiss. Why can’t we all just get along?

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