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Joe Rogan on “Weight Cutting Being the Worst Thing in MMA” El Cucuy’s Tiny Cut

Joe Rogan Talks Weight Cutting

Joe Rogan on Weight Cutting being thee “Worst thing in MMA“. He talks about the benefit you get in the cut, asking do you lose it in the performance? Tony Ferguson’s weight cut is very small according to Eddie Bravo. When Travis Lutter was walking to the scales vs Anderson Silva, his lips were cracking, bleeding.

Joe says that every single drop of water was gone from his body. Rafael Dos Anjos moving up to welterweight, just like cowboy Cerrone could be the best thing for their careers. Guys fighting at these lower weight classes, putting themselves through hell to make weight. While still losing out at the end of the day, lose situation.

Link to full podcast: https://youtu.be/5ZyyuoslUoA

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