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Joe Rogan on PED’s, Scary TRT Vitor, Aldo in Brazil, Brock and Cyborg

Joe Rogan Talks PED’s In MMA

Joe Rogan discusses performance-enhancing drugs in MMA during the most recent Fight Companion. He reckons that Vitor Belfort during his last cycle on TRT before he was caught. May have been the scariest man in all MMA, finishing a number of the top middleweights in devastating fashion.

The guys debate whether or not athletes should be allowed to use TRT. Stating that fighters like Anderson Silva could perform better if he was allowed to continue using the now-banned substance. While his mind is still there, his body does not want to do what the mind asks. And so by allowing the use of PED’s they can extend their career’s in the sport.

And Joe believes that the Vitor we saw on TRT was one of the most dangerous fighters to have ever competed. He style was normally that of a boxer, but he changed it up to throw knockout spinning head kicks. Some of which he actually landed, knocking out Luke Rockhold in Brazil.

USADA Testing In Brazil

He also talks about USADA chasing Jose Aldo in Brazil. How the USADA testing agent was forced from the gym and almost deported. And the whole story surrounding his eventual sample being spilt, yes spilt.

The guys also discuss Brock Lesnar’s retirement from MMA. A move they elude to would allow him to put whatever he so desires into his body. As he makes his way back to the steroid laden WWE where he can bulk up at will.

Finally the latest Cris Cyborg debacle around her testing positive for a diuretic. And the fact that she may very well get an exemption. As it was something prescribed to specifically deal with her personal medical condition. And it was something which was recommended to her by her dietician. Let’s listen in as the guys discuss this and more in the world of MMA.

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