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Joe Rogan on Francis Ngannou training at the UFC Performance Institute

Francis Ngannou Training at UFC Performance Institute

On January 20th at UFC 220, Francis Ngannou will look to lift his name into the storybook of legends. When he takes on the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world in Stipe Miocic in Boston.

The story of Ngannou is starting to become the stuff of legends. And his recent knockout of Alistair Overeem only added fuel to that legend. We will see if he can become a man that was battling homelessness and found a gym and changed his life.


  • Anatomy of a Fighter: The Movie ( 2018)
  • Directed by Will Harris Productions
  • Instagram: @willharrisproductions @francisngannou @UFCPI @JOEROGAN
  • Twitter: @theewillharris @francisngannou

Anatomy of a Fighter is an upcoming documentary about the life and culture of both of the MMA and Boxing community. This film will focus on the fighters, coaches and teams, who are competing for their legacy, family and love for the sports. This film will feature some of the very best fighters of all time from both boxing and MMA.

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