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Joe Rogan Epic Inspirational Speech After Eddie Bravo Beat Royler Gracie

Joe Rogan Inspirational Speech to Eddie Bravo ADCC 2003

Way back in 2003, Eddie Bravo was an up and coming Jiu-Jitsu player on the International scene. After he won the North American under 145lcs trials. Bravo headed out to Abu- Dhabi to compete in the World-renowned ADCC, Submission Wrestling World Championship, a professional no-gi grappling competition.

He was to come up against the four-time World Champion and three times ADCC Champion Royler Gracie, part of the esteemed Gracie family, in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Bravo was doing well and in many ways holding his own against his much more decorated opponent. Until what was considered one of the biggest upsets in the sport. Bravo managed to catch Gracie in a triangle choke, forcing the BJJ legend to tap!

Directly following the bout, Eddie along with good friend Joe Rogan who had travelled to the event to show his support were making their way back to their hotel to catch a flight. This footage captures what Joe had to say to Bravo about the magnitude of what he had just achieved.

Talking about how these moments come along in someone’s life. But most people crumble under the immense pressure. Never managing to live up to their full potential. He talks about how Eddie managed to find a way to do things his way. Smoking weed, living a crazy life and discovering new ways to play the BJJ game.

Rogan “Life Just Snowballs”

To take out the son of the guy who invented that form of the sport. With a move, he himself came up with! It’s just inspirational. It shows you what is possible when you rise to the occasion. When you work hard. Dedicate yourself and use your brain, use your creativity. You push through and find a new opening. And from there life just snowballs.

When things like this happen it makes a person more aware of their potential. Your human potential just goes up. Everyone who saw Eddie’s win was a greater human being because of it. And you will have higher expectations after seeing something like that. Everyone was just blown away, said Joe Rogan …

This speech was the inspiration behind Bobby Razak creating the new Eddie Bravo 2017 commercial. On hearing this the first time blew him away.

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