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Joe Rogan Apologizes to Daniel Cormier for UFC 214 Interview JRE Podcast

Joe Rogan Apolgises to Daniel Cormier

UFC commentator Joe Rogan giving a heartfelt apology to Daniel Cormier. Following their interview just after he lost by vicious ko Jon Jones at UFC 214. Joe is joined by good friend Eddie Bravo and discusses his side of the story and how it was completely his fault.

It was Joe himself who stopped interviewing fighters after they had been knocked out. Saying that he never wants to interview fighters after they have been knocked out like that. But on this occasion, he got a little wrapped up in the emotion of the event and on autopilot more than anything, tried to do the interview.

He feels terrible for putting Daniel Cormier in that position having just been viciously finished. In probably the most important fight of his entire career. Joe Rogan added that the new light heavyweight champion Jon Jones looked amazing. And that he is most definitely one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time! Beating Cormier for a second time now proves that, even to the naysayers.

Even before the fight, Jones had said that he wanted to be the first guy to stop Cormier. And he did just that in a dynamic fashion. Proving that after beating Cormier at UFC 214 by knockout, he is the number one p4p fighter on the planet.

What Next for Jon Jones the King?

What next now for the newly crowned UFC Champion? With not too many likely candidates available right now. Jones may well be looking to the super-fight against Brock Lesnar. Although a much bigger man. There is no doubting that Jones can add some muscles and beef up to 240lb plus. Lesnar will be coming down from 265lbs   plus to meet Jones if they do decide to fight.

Anything is now possible for the new 205lb king. He had finally proved he is the King.

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