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JOE ROGAN and John Wayne Parr Sparring and Holding Pads

Joe Rogan & John Wayne Parr Padwork and Sparring

Multiple time World Muay Thai champion John Wayne Parr sparring with Joe Rogan after they finished recording the JRE podcast. The two got in a session of pad work followed by some light sparring in Joe’s private gym at his house. Keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with John Wayne which is coming in the very near future.

As we know or at least should know is that Joe was actually a US National Taekwondo champion. So other than him being the voice of the UFC commentary team, along with being a world-famous comedian and hosting one of the most popular podcasts in the world. Rogan is also a huge fan of all martial arts. so when he had the opportunity to hit the pads with The Gun Slinger, he couldn’t pass it up.

John Wayne is, of course, one of the most successful westerners to have trained and competed in the sports of Muay Thai. A multiple-time world champion who originally comes from Australian. JWP, as he is known to his fans, has built up one of the most solid resumes in Muay Thai around the world.

In this video we get to see him holding the pads for Joe Rogan to get off some of his kicks and punches, which we have to say are very good. Joe has also previously been videoed training alongside Georges St Pierre. Showing him one of his signature spinning heel kicks which by the look of it could do some serious damage if it should land.

Let us take a closer look at just how well he does here under the tutelage of John Wayne Parr. As the pair go through some of the best-known combinations in martial art. Getting the opportunity to learn for mone of the very best in the world and getting a great workout into boot!

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