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Shocking 2015 Video of Joanna Jedrzejczyk Making Weight

Joanna Jedrzejczyk Shocking Weight Cut video

Some footage has emerged of the drastic lengths the UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Went to in order to make weight back in 2015 for her first title defence at UFC Berlin. Joanna can be seen to be perhaps hallucinating and talking about weird out of context stuff.

We get some images of her first title defence against Jessica Penne. Who Jedrzejczyk stopped in devastating fashion, showing her dominance inside the cage. We are then told how that in order to make weight she had to cut 20+ pounds to reach her fighting weight.

Joanna is then shown covered in towels as she goes through the weight cutting process. She continues to ramble and talks about random issues. But it is unknown to what degree she is maybe hallucinating or going through some kind of mental struggle.

Deleted Weight Cutting Footage

We then cut to footage of Joanna in the bathtub, as she continues her weight cutting process. You can immediately tell that she is distressed as she cries out in pain. She continues to look very distressed as she struggles and grimaces. While her body is going through an unknown amount of pain and shock. She later stated;

“People I worked with made me to critical condition. It was physical, cause mentally I was ready. I am happy to be alive because you can hear fighters die due to weight cut. I value my life too much to ever do it again”

Adding to this she states that back in a day, the UFC Public Relations staff told them to delete it or else. She calls for help to stop fighters making weight. Putting your life at risk for the sport. Cutting weight has been a constant issue bubbling just below the surface.

Will the recent change made by the FC have positive long-term effects on the sport? Watch this space.

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