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Jeff Mayweather Weighs in on Paulie Malignaggi Leaving Conor McGregor Camp

Paulie Malignaggi Leaves McGregor Camp

Boxing coach Jeff Mayweather is out and about and discussing the issue of Paulie Malignaggi leaving Conor McGregor’s camp. Jeff isn’t one to beat around the bush and believes what Paulie has been saying! You have to look at the situation, with no one except Conor’s people being allowed inside the camp.

All of the images that have emerged have been still photographs. So we have no video evidence to prove otherwise. But think about it. Paulie is a guy who has been boxing his entire life. A two-time World Champion, who has seen and done it all. Granted he hasn’t boxed in a few years, but the guy is a straight shooter and doesn’t talk crap.

In Jeff’s eyes, McGregor is a guy who is learning boxing all over again. And the chances of him besting someone like Malignaggi are pretty slim. The crazy power argument of McGregor doesn’t hold too much water with Jeff.

What Reason Would he have to Lie?

Jeff believes that Malignaggi is keeping his integrity throughout the process. He talks about how McGregor’s sparring partners are having to live in low-level conditions. And that Paulie doesn’t have any reason to lie about it. And for someone like Paulie, he doesn’t need the money, he has a good job with Showtime.

Jeff believes that if McGregor was, in fact, getting the better of Paulie and it’s sour grapes on Paulie’s part. Then the McGregor camp would release the video. He also believes that Paulie’s best is better than Conor’s best, even though he just came out of retirement.

So Jeff isn’t buying the whole story being put out there. And is very comfortable about the way things have been going inside Floyd’s camp. Another thing is that Paulie is not Floyd. Jeff ends the interview by answering that Floyd will be the different animal inside the ring come August 26th.

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