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Jacob Stitch Duran – UFC Cutman | London Real Interview

Jacob Stitch Duran Legendary UFC and Boxing Cutman

Jacob Stitch Duran is the most famous Cutman in the business. He began his tenure in the UFC octagon back in 2002. In terms of boxing, he is a personal choice amongst many of the greatest athletes in the sport including the Klitschko Brothers, who fly him to Europe to work their corners.

His job is multifaceted as not only is he looking after the fighter physically. But he is also their all in one psychologist, doctor, and coach. With just 55 seconds between rounds to stop bleeding, swelling and reassure his fighter. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to give them “One More Round.”

Born into a migrant camp in California, he was working in the fields at 5 years of age. From there he enlisted in the Air Force and went to Thailand where he would fall in love with kickboxing before returning home to America to start his own school.

Later when most people would be comfortable with a company car and job as a sales rep for RJ Reynolds Tobacco, he packed it in and moved to Las Vegas to pursue his dream of being a Cutman.

The rest is history and Stitch is one of a kind. As I sat there talking to him I thought to myself, “They just don’t make guys like this anymore. He’s an American original.” From the pressed shirt to that boss-player moustache, he’s the coolest Uncle you never had, and the sweetest guy who could drop you in one shot.

At 62 years of age, Stitch is doing what he loves with no plans of slowing down. “Man, I’m going to die in the ring.”

75 / 100
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