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Jack Hermansson Vs Karlos Vemola Full Fight

Jack Hermansson Vs Karlos Vemola WFS4 Middleweight Championship

Coming to the cage with combined experience from two of the worlds major MMA promotions. Jack Hermansson takes on Karlos Vemola for the Warrior Fight Series middleweight title. With Vemola having fought a total of six times in the UFC, it was obvious the Czech fighter appeared on paper to be the more experienced of the two.

And although Hermansson had competed for Bellator, he was yet the breakthrough into the UFC. But a solid win against Karlos would no doubt catch their eye and perhaps propel the Swede to the next stage of his career.

With both men bringing their own specific set of skills to the cage. Jack Hermansson with some excellent standup and a strong submission game. While Vemola brings a heavy ground game with fifty per cent of his wins coming via way of submission. So with this clash of styles, it was always going to be interesting to see how this all played out inside the cage.

And as the fighters entered the arena, we can immediately see a difference. Both in body type, with Hermansson bringing a tall, slimmer athletic frame. While Karlos enters the area looking like a fighter who has spent much of his time focusing on building muscle and power.

And face to face, the Swede looks calm cool and almost too relaxed. While the shorter Vemola looks like someone with a serious grudge as he stares down his opponent.

Hermansson vs Vemola Round one

Into the first round and Vemola looks to begin by taking the fight to Hermansson. Immediately coming out and putting on the pressure. Vemola lands a low kick and tries to follow up with a huge right hand that misses big. Locking up against the cage, Karlos goes for a takedown, using a single leg followed by a trip.

And as the pair head to the ground, from the bottom, Hermansson manages to somehow trap the right arm of Karlos. But in order to make anything of this, he’s going to need to let go and try for the armbar. And as he does, Karlos is able to scramble and evade the attempt. Ending up on top, but not yet out of trouble.

With Hermansson seeing an opening, he quickly catches Vemola in a triangle as he attempts to reset and force the submission. But Karlos is not giving up and stays heavy on top, stacking and then slamming Hermansson to the mat. However, Jack is not letting go of this, as he switches to the armbar that looks to be in deep.

He cranks on the arm, pulling it tighter and tighter while extending his hips. Eventually, something gives and it is not Vemola’s will. As the referee steps in to signal a halt to the fight. With a beautiful display of groundwork by the Swede, who looked every bit the elite level fighter we now know today.


80 / 100
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