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Jacare Souza Liquid Ground Game || Film Study

A Jacare Souza A Film Study

Ronaldo Jacare Souza is revered as one of the best grapplers to ever compete in the UFC. The Brazilian BJJ specialist came to MMA with an almost unparalleled calibre and a list of accomplishments which would make a grown man weep.

Coach Brendan Dorman takes a much closer look at the ground master and his game inside the cage. From his favourite submissions which he uses to contort and control his opponents. From takedown, to position, to submission, additionally which Souza chains together with his Judo in which he also holds a black belt.

Using a combination of sweeps and throws, he manoeuvres his opponents into the desired position. Before using it to exact out his gameplan at which his unquestionably supremely skilled. So Brendan takes his technique to task, focusing mainly on one sequence, takedown, position (guard passing), and submission.

And with wins over some of the biggest names and former UFC champions such as Robbie Lawler, Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort. It’s easy to see the level at which the Jacare Souza operates when inside the octagon. With Brendan commented;

“His liquid and loose guard passing, Judo (black belt) takedowns, and explosive submission abilities complement his athleticism very well and prime Jacare was absolutely marvellous to watch compete.”

Brendan Dorman

Breaking down his beautiful transitions, Brendan shows us the fluidity and pure magic Jacare can manifest when in the flow state. Effortlessly moving from one position to another, one submission attempt to the next. Until what seems like an inevitably!

It’s masterful to watch and even more fascinating to see how coach Dorman breaks each step down along the way. The intricacies are phenomenal, the learning curve is steep. But in the end, we leave this latest session wiser in our knowledge of this great sport and it’s greatest athletes. Cheers.


79 / 100
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