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Israel Adesanya vs Petera Teaia Full Fight


Back in the day before anyone knew his name in the world of mixed martial arts. UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya was a Muay Thai fighter competing on the local New Zealand circuit. And here he is against Petera Teaia, in a fight only recently unearthed which doesn’t appear on either his fight record or Wiki page.

Taking place on the 4th of July 2009 at the Redden Fight Club – Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand. Izzy was still very much a fighter under development. On the cusp of a long and very successful run both in kickboxing and MMA. Little did anyone know that night they were looking at potential greatness in the making.

Adesanya vs Teaia Round One

But what was evident from the first bell is Israel’s footwork and evasive capabilities. Light on his feet if you watch closely there are some elements of the moves involved in breakdancing. Which we know made up a big part of Adesanya’s early life on the South Pacific Island.

And when compared to the traditional stance and almost plodding style of his opponent. We can see just how much his lifestyle outside the ring influences what happens inside. As Teaia lunges forward, Izzy uses some beautiful head movement to avoid the telegraphed punches, which for the most part do not land.

Round Two

Both guys come out firing in the second. With some quick exchanges, they end up clinching and falling to the floor. Adesanya lands another teep kick to the face, then scores a knockdown with a beautiful uppercut. As his far more accurate striking is proving the difference in this fight.

With the referee taking far too long to make the count, Petera is able to continue. And straight away goes after Adesanya as he attempts to land a spinning back fist that falls short by a long way.

The pair once again end up in the clinch, with Izzy landing a knee to the body which Teaia felt. But it’s his flailing attacks that Adesanya mostly avoids which show the difference in skill. With more pinpoint strikes, Izzy is definitely putting his stamp on this fight.

Round Three

Izzy is fired up for the third round. As by now, he must be feeling he has the better of his opponent. And in the clinch, he is landing some nice knees and racking up those points. But Teaia continues to march forward, with the difference being the percentage of strikes that are landing.

Adesanya is throwing some lovely high kicks, that don’t do a whole lot. But he is setting up those punches which follow and catches his opponent with some nice combinations. Missing with those flying knees, we can see glimpses of the future flashy striker in the making.

And then as the pair once again separate, Izzy plants his feet at Teaia walks forward on to a jab. Followed up by a big right hand that puts him down and out of the fight.

Wait a sec, was that a little Michael Jackson inspired celebration?

The End

It was so interesting to see such an early fight in the career of the future MMA star. But even at this early stage, we can tell Israel Adesanya has got that X factor. With such little experience under his belt, he is already showing flashes of what his future self will do.

That slick striking and undeniable footwork which for most of the fight left his opponent looking somewhat befuddled. But give him some time and experience and see just how far he can and will go!


79 / 100
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