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Stylebender || Fight IQ and Flow || feat. Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya Stylebender Fight IQ and Flow

After watching a 5 round masterclass via Israel Adesanya win over Brad Tavares, I couldn’t help but notice a few things that I find are not only paramount to world-class striking, but to the growth of the martial artist. In a chicken vs. egg type rhetorical question, I’m not sure what comes first, nor the causation, but the link between relaxation, flow state and (when perpetual) how they make for a tremendous “Fight IQ”.

Stylebender is a breath of fresh air, coming from the world of high-level kickboxing and making a very nice transition into MMA. His ability to stay relaxed, and “calm amidst the storm” defence, are all predicated off his understanding of range, cadence, dynamics and other staples, but the growth of the mixed martial ARTIST.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve covered “Stylebender” before, in a more typical fashion. The aim here is to show his growth and uncanny artistry in a sport he is a relative newcomer to. Enjoy all, cheers.


  • Skyvoice – You And I (Skybreak Remix) [Export Elite]
  • [No Copyright Music] Rock Angel – Joakim Karud
  • Pill & HARDIES – Bound [No Copyright]
  • Shut Eye – Rebound
  • High [NCS Release] – JPB (No Copyright Music)

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