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Israel Adesanya Seeks Fresh Challenge, Eyes Potential Clash with Dricus Du Plessis

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Israel Adesanya is seeking a fresh challenge in the UFC middleweight division. With his rival Alex Pereira moving up to the light heavyweight division, Adesanya sees an opportunity for a new opponent. One potential matchup that has garnered attention is against Dricus Du Plessis, who has an undefeated 5-0 record in the UFC, with four of his wins coming by knockout or submission.

Adesanya and Du Plessis have engaged in a war of words, particularly focusing on their African heritage. Du Plessis, who hails from South Africa, claims stronger ties to Africa due to living and training on the continent. Adesanya, a native Nigerian fighting out of New Zealand, has contested Du Plessis’ assertions and believes he has the right to question his opponent’s claims.

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Adesanya hopes that Du Plessis can secure a victory in his upcoming fight against Robert Whittaker at UFC 290 on July 8. If Du Plessis wins, Adesanya wants to face him in a match scheduled for UFC 293 in Sydney in September. Adesanya has a plan in place if Whittaker remains the middleweight champion, but he expresses a strong desire to face Du Plessis and show him who he is.

Adesanya states that he never questioned Du Plessis’ ethnicity but took issue with his derogatory remarks about himself, Francis Ngannou, and Kamaru Usman. Adesanya asserts his African roots and challenges Du Plessis to do an ancestry test to reveal his true heritage.

Despite the intensity of their verbal exchanges, Adesanya claims that the feud isn’t personal. He mentions a past instance of training with Du Plessis and winning their session, emphasizing that he initially supported him when he joined the UFC. Adesanya’s opinion changed when Du Plessis began boasting and questioning his African identity, prompting Adesanya to seek a dominant victory over him.

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However, even if Du Plessis manages to defeat Whittaker, there are potential obstacles to a quick matchup with Adesanya. UFC 293 takes place just two months after UFC 290, which could be a challenging turnaround for Du Plessis, especially considering potential injuries sustained in the fight against Whittaker.

Nonetheless, Adesanya remains determined to make the fight happen and hopes for a first-round victory for Du Plessis over Whittaker, enabling them to meet in September. Adesanya expresses his belief in the power of manifestation and vows to pray for the fight to materialize.

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