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Iron Mike Tyson and Cus D’amato – Up Close 1984

Mike Tyson With cus d’Amato Pre Bruno Fight 1984

Up close and personal with Iron Mike Tyson and his trainer Cus D’amato, back in 1984. Tyson talks about his burgeoning career as the world heavyweight champion. His relationship with trainer Kevin Rooney and his mindset when he enters the ring. This is a pre-fight interview before the Frank Bruno match in the UK. When Tyson arrived in the UK he was welcomed in an almost state of frenzy by his adoring fans. We go behind the scenes with Tyson and D’amato as they prepare in Catskill New York.

A fascinating insight into the mind of Mike as he prepares with his coach and friend Gus D’Amato. We get to hear the pep talk and positivity which Cus instils in Mike to reaffirm his belief that he is the number one heavyweight in the entire world. Never allowing any a sliver of doubt to enter his mind.

Cus And Mike Breaking Down Fights

The pair sit and watch some past fights, as Cus breaks down for Mike what makes a great fighter. As well as how he believes a medium fighter can overcome a better fighter simply through pure aggression and determination. And all this time Mike is simply sitting and drinking in the knowledge, mentally building his own arsenal for the fight ahead.

Mike and Cus take a walk outside, joined by the family dog. As they discuss some issues Mike is having with his right shoulder. As well as other interesting things like what type of dog Mike should get himself. You can see their close bond that has formed between the two. as we know from later interviews that Mike very much looked upon Cus as a father figure.

Later on in the piece, the family sit down to dinner and go through a long drawn out tv shoot.  We get to see Mike and his team interact, break bread. ad talk about their lives outside of the ring. A more fascinating insight into the life and time of world heavyweight phenom, Iron Mike Tyson.

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