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The Druid’s Cage – Irish MMA Documentary

Irish MMA Documentary The Druids Cage

The Druid’s Cage is an Irish documentary which follows the exploits of Robert Devane. A professional mixed martial artist from Dublin. Who is in the midst of training for his 6th and final professional MMA bout in Newcastle, England.

We are brought along in the journey as Robert explains the process through which he first fell in love with MMA. We also get to see him taking part in a grappling tournament. As he prepares to enter the cage for the last time.

Splitting his time between his own gym in Dublin. And that of former UFC fighter Ian “The Machine” Freeman in Newcastle England.

At the age of 36, Robert feels within himself that the time for his retirement is fast approaching. As duties and requirements outside of the sport begin to take up more and more of his time.

He goes to great lengths to explain what he believes are the differences between someone like himself, who is aggressive, but not violent. As opposed to someone who is just outright violent. And he wants to show the viewer, that people who are involved in combat sports, although aggressive. Are not necessarily violent people. For them, it is a way to release that aggression within and funnel it into a competition.

We follow along as the last few days wind down until it’s fight day. Robert spends his days in the gym staying in shape. While getting in his cardio to ensure his weight stays down. As it happens, the dreaded weight cut for this particular fight isn’t as bad as some previous. And Rob relaxes for the final few hours pre-fight.

It’s Fight Night

Then finally it’s fighting night and after all the weeks, months and years of training, sparring and competing. This will be Rob’s final time entering the cage as a professional.

Post-fight we get to hear from what his thoughts were about the bout. And after some time to think, his future in the sport and Irish MMA. But will he compete again?

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