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Interview with Keith McCabe on MMA & Life


Our Keith McCabe Interview on the MMA Life

Keith McCabe is widely known as one of the most active mixed martial artists in Ireland. Currently the Akuma Fighting Championship amateur welterweight Champion. We wanted to talk with Keith about his frenetic fighting schedule. Training for just 3 years, Keith has managed to amass a total of 15 fights.

Following a year off after receiving a strange spinal injury which he suffered during a game while playing for one of the top GAA clubs in the country. Keith decided to take up Muay Thai before he finally discovered the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Now just 22, he discussed what first drew him to the sport and the positive effects it has had on his life. Before he took up MMA, his story is probably representative of a lot of young people’s experience in the modern world. Keith’s story is one of positivity as he shows what you can achieve when you find what you love to do.

His story should be one of inspiration for any up and coming fighters who are looking to forge their own path and be successful in what they want to achieve.

Now focusing on turning pro later in 2015. Keith is looking to expand his striking skills, by also making his pro debut in kickboxing this year. With a number of standup bouts lined up between now and his next fight inside the cage. We will be watching his journey to the pro ranks with great interest as his career progresses.

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