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INSIDE IRISH MMA: I’ll Smile When I’m Rich

Irish MMA fighters Competing in Ireland

Newstalk radio in Ireland explores how deep the roots of competitive martial arts are in Ireland in this short video documentary. Titled I’ll Smile When I’m Rich – Inside Irish MMA. The film gives you some insight into the current MMA scene of the small island nation. Interviewing some fighters and coaches in the sport, you get a taste of both it’s history and it’s future.

Following the arrival of one Conor McGregor on the International scene, the sport witnessed a huge explosion in popularity. McGregor’s effect on the local scene cannot be underestimated, with a whole swathe of young up and coming talent now looking to emulate their idol inside the cage.

Following a selection of fighters, we hear from those involved in and around the fight game. Where they come from and where they want to go. Coach John Kavanagh is also interviewed and explains how the fight game works at both a local and international level. With some fascinating insight into the world in Irish MMA, it’s a must watch for any fan.

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