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Igor Vovchanchyn vs Paul Varelans IFC 1 Kiev Ukraine

Igor Vovchanchyn vs Paul Varelans Full Fight

At first glance, any sane person watching this fight might think the smaller man doesn’t stand a chance. But this isn’t just any smaller man, it’s Igor Vovchanchyn. The story has it that back when Igor was a child, whenever he lost his temper he would go on a rampage through his local village. Forcing the shop keepers and business owners to shut their doors until the storm had passed. So fighting is something that has always been in his blood. Check out this classic fight with Paul Varelans to see this awesome striker in action.

This is one of the classic fights from back in the day when many of these fighters were still learning the tricks of mixed martial arts. Fighters like these two were pretty much brawlers, some of who were technical. But overall it was blood and guts style of fighting, as we very much see here. No fancy submissions or technical striking, but plenty of brutal punches and kicks. Just what you want from an old school match like this.

Igor Vovchanchyn Consistently landing punches

From the get-go, we can see that while the smaller man, Igor is the faster and more destructive punchers of the two. While Varelans tries to tie up Igor, the Ukrainian fighter lands big punches, stunning and pushing back the much bigger man. And the Canadian’s face is already swelling up as Igor begins to consistently land punches.

With just a minute gone in the fight Varelans is limping badly and bleeding from his face. As Vovchanchyn keeps landing his punches, even managing a hard kick to the midsection of his opponent. Now looking like a one-sided beatdown, again Igor lands hard shots to the face of Varelans. And taking so much punishment, eventually, he succumbs to the combinations of punches and leg kicks.

As he hits the ground the referee steps in and signal an end to the fight. As Igor Vovchanchyn is deemed the winner and the celebrations ensue. A real display of heart and power by the much smaller man. To show it’s not always about the size, but often the fighter within.

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