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Igor Vovchanchyn vs Gilbert Yvel Full Fight Pride 13 – Collision Course



It’s time for Ice Cold Igor Vovchanchyn was the consummate knock out artist and one of the most feared smaller men in MMA. Fighting in the PRIDE Fighting Championships for over 7 years and having been involved in some of the most exciting fights in early MMA history. He amassed a highlight reel which was second to none. However, his fight with Gilbert Yvel would not be remembered for one of his trademark knockouts. But more surprisingly one of his far less likely submissions.

Yvel was also known as one of the deadliest strikers in the sport, bringing his Dutch Kickboxing and Muay Thai to the Pride FC ring. A classic head to head between two of the hardest hitters in all mixed martial arts with some hard shot being thrown in the opening round.

In a relatively short fight, the two fighters exchanged blows from the opening bell. But it wouldn’t be too long before the fight ended up on the ground with Igor in a dominant position. The ground is not the world of Gilbert Yvel who is known for his vicious knees and kicks. And so was quite at a loss to deal with the top game of the Ukrainian fighter.

In a relatively short fight, it was Igor who would soon sink in a choke from the back mount. Yvel was unable to deal with or avoid the submission attempt. It was another example of some of these older fights where the fighters are still on a learning curve. with many specialising in just one area of martial arts. But another great win for Igor Vovchanchyn, even without a trademark knockout!

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