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Ido Portal Method Beginner – PART 1/2 | London Real

Ido Portal Training – A Moving Conversation – PART 1/2 | London Real

In recent times Movement has become the buzzword for many in the MMA world and Ido Portal it’s a maestro. Portal has amassed a huge following in the world of well, movement. This covers everything from bodyweight and gymnastics oriented strength and conditioning, programming and manipulation of training variables.

Advanced mobility practices, hand-balancing and balance in general, evolutionary perspective on nutrition and movement, prehab/rehab, structural balance and joint prep protocols, airborne acrobatics and falling biomechanics, corporal dialogue, (extensive background in Capoeira – 15 years) and other subjects that are a fruit of years of research of various fields – martial arts, gymnastics, movement systems, dance, breathing and other sports and artistic expressions of movement to name but a few… 🙂

Working With Conor McGregor

Following his recent work with Irish superstar Conor McGregor prior to his featherweight title fight against Jose Also Junior. Ido Portal gained mainstream attention and now his methods are gaining traction amongst the combat sports community.

With other elite athletes such as welterweight contender Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit also integrating movement drills into his overall training regime. And people such as UFC commentator Joe Rogan becoming fascinated by the methods. It may not be very long before we see even more athletes incorporating it into their workload.

Here he is chatting with host Brian Rose at London Real in what is their second meeting. This time around Rose wanted to interview the movement guru while out and about and on the move. Where Portal can actually show some of his techniques and break down what he believes works best. Showing his methods, giving his thoughts and advice on how we all can improve our bodies, minds and our movement. It’s a fascinating conversation between the two as London Real and Ido Portal take it to the streets of London city.

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