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Holly Holm vs Allanna Jones Legacy Fighting Championships


Holly Holm KNOCKS OUT Allanna Jones

Who is the newest addition to the UFC Holly Holm? Up until recently, it wasn’t a name that was being mentioned in the same breath as Ronda Rousey. All that seems to have changed recently and now she seems to be the flavour of the month. Here she is in a fight against Allanna Jones. Can you guess how this might end, maybe the title gives it away?

But Holm is showing all the hallmarks of a fighter who can go a long way. Coming from a world-class boxing and kickboxing background, Holly brings tonnes of experience to the cage. And while she is primarily known as a world champion boxer, she has also had success inside the cage.

And here she is against Allanna Jones in her fourth fight as a professional MMA fighter. Winning her first three, all by KO and TKO, Holly is already making a name for herself in the sport. So she entered the fight against Jones the hot favourite. Against an opponent who by all accounts has since gone on to have a pretty poor record inside the cage.

In a pretty evenly matched opening round, the pair exchanged blows, with neither taking a decisive lead. Going into the second round the fight continued as before, with neither fighter taking a commanding lead. Holm was not dominating her opponent as may believed she would, until halfway through the round. When Holly Holm landed a devastating left head kick, sending her opponent to the canvas. And signalling another win, before her permanent move The Ultimate Fighting Championships.

it was a move she used several times throughout her career. And one she would use most famously of course against the UFC reigning women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

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