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Henry Cejudo Prepping for Mighty Mouse #Video

Henry Cejudo Intensive Workout for Mighty Mouse and UFC 197 Title Bout

Olympian and now a top contender in the UFC flyweight division Henry Cejudo is on a mission. For almost four years one man and one man only has dominated the ranks of the flyweight division, looking better each time he climbs inside the octagon. Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson (23-2 MMA, 11-1-1 UFC) has held court, maintaining his lofty position as the division’s best and p4p number 2 ranked fighter in the world.

Disposing of all comers, some with relative ease. Johnson has become the face of the UFC’s lightest weight class. His nickname and persona are synonymous with spectacular speed, technique, and ability. To date, only a small selection of fighters have been able to come close to the champion in competition as he continues to extend his reign at the very top.

Enter Henry Cejudo To Challenge Mightymouse

Enter Henry Cejudo (10-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC). One of a select group of Olympians who compete in the sport of mixed martial arts. And even one of the fewer Gold medalists who have competed in the sports relatively short history. Cejudo now faces his biggest test to date by far inside the octagon. DJ has seemed unbeatable in his tenure as champ and is expecting things to continue in the same vein when he faces Cejudo on April 23rd.

As with many of Johnson’s opponents. A feeling of this matchup being somewhat rushed feels apparent. A glance at Henry Cejudo’s list of UFC opponents to date doesn’t scream top tier. Not when your next bout is against one of the best the sport has ever seen. But Cejudo is an Olympian and there’s no doubting his talent and tenacity. How he will fare when he finally comes face to face with Mightymouse is one for the oddsmakers. On paper, people may be expecting it to be business as usual as DJ continues to extend his record and legacy.

All will be revealed come fight night when these two elite level athletes let it all hang out at UFC 197.

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