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Countdown to UFC 185: Johny Hendricks vs. Matt Brown

Hendricks vs. Brown Countdown to UFC 185

It’s Countdown to UFC 185 as the former welterweight champion Johny Hendricks is back in action. After losing his title to Robbie Lawler in December 2014. We go inside the camps for Hendricks and his opponent and a top 5 contender in the division in Matt Brown. As both men prepare to face each other at UFC 185 this weekend in Dallas Texas. Can Big Rigg get his title hopes back on track or will Brown bounce back from his defeat?

It’s a tantalising matchup as we have two of the hardest hitters in the division squaring off. Brown has now had nineteen fights in the UFC and so is considered one of it’s most established fighters. Having recently lost by unanimous decision, also to Robbie Lawler. Matt feels it was a fight that could have gone either way and is confident in his own abilities to get the job done against Hendricks at UFC 185.

Johny Hendricks Being Injured

And the former champion believes that he did in fact win in his fight against Lawler. Then having been laid off for four months when he damaged his bicep, before facing and then losing to Lawler. Johny believes that he is the one entering the fight as the favourite, as in his mind he is still the champion. But he is coming up against a very tough Matt Brown. And a guy who is facing two division champions back to back in fights.

And the team behind Hendricks are well aware of the dangers which Brown brings to the octagon. Chaining together his wrestling and striking, Brown is the whole package. And he intends to show that to the former champion and claim his spot as the number one contender at 170 lbs. with all the action taking place at UFC 185, March 14th 2015. Live from the American airlines centre Dallas Texas, don’t miss it.

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