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TOP 5: Most Violent Head Kick Knockouts in UFC History

The Most Violent Head Kick Knockouts In MMA

Let us take a close look at some of the most devastating head kick knockout in UFC history. KO’s are often the most brutal way in which a fight can end. Concussive trauma which forces the recipient’s brain to shut down momentarily. Leading to a lack of consciousness, albeit sometimes only for a moment. These are just a small collection of the most devastating the UFC has seen.

And as we have seen on plenty of occasion in the sport, these head kick KO’s are quite common indeed. With so many elite-level strikers making their way to the UFC roster. It makes sense that down through the years there have been some potentially career-ending events. Several immediately spring to mind and some of which did in fact lead to fighters never being the same again.

With some strikers being able to generate significantly more power in their kicks than punches. When it comes to ending a fight, they are often the tool of choice. And inside the octagon, there is no place to run, which has sometimes meant that clashing styles can and often do lead to devastating stoppages.

Kickers in The UFC

From flyweight right through to heavyweight, each division in the sport has had its well known and feared kickers. The one guy who as a wrestler you had to get to the ground as quickly as possible. Or if you missed your opportunity, pay the piper. And as we have seen time and time again, when it comes time to pay, the piper can be ruthless.

So we hope that you enjoy this collection from the UFC. And if you like this, keep an eye out for more of the same as we thrall the best of the web. To find you the very best in UFC and MMA content.

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