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The Hardest Punch In Boxing History ● Julian Jackson’s Secret

The Hardest Puncher in The History Boxing

Julian Jackson was known as one of the hardest punchers boxing had ever seen. Having competed in both the light middleweight and middleweight divisions. With a KO ratio of 80.33%, Jackson built a reputation of knocking his opponents out cold. With Ring magazine ranking him at number 25 on the “100 Greatest Punchers” in the world from 2003.

Jackson was born in Virgin Island and competed for the United States Virgin Islands in the Pan American Games. As a professional, he competed in some 61 fights and ended his career with a record of:

  • 55 Wins with 49 KO’s
  • 6 Losses by KO
  • 0 Draws

Some people are just born with devastating power in their hands. But regardless, it is the technique that allows them to harness that power. In the case of “The Hawk” Julian Jackson, his technique may have appeared clean, but there was a twist to it, a secret to his power. Thank you for joining me as we dive deeper into the mechanics of this monster boxing power.

So let us take a close look at the devastating power of Jackson and his journey in the world of boxing. As one of the hardest hitters to ever grace the sport.


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