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Gunnar Nelson vs Eugene Fadiora BAMMA Birmingham

Gunnar Nelson vs. Eugene Fadiora Bamma 4

Some vintage Gunnar Nelson in typical devastating form. As he takes on undefeated Eugene Fadiora. Gunnar Nelson Nelson who trains under Mj√∂lnir SBG Iceland / Ireland and who is also a Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black belt. Defeats Eugene Fadiora by RNC in the 1st round (3 min 51 sec) on September 25th 2010 at Bamma 4 in The National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England.

For many, this was just a taste of what the Icelandic fighter is capable. Ad in typical Nelson style he takes his time to work his gameplan on Fadiora, as the fight goes o the ground pretty quickly. Eugene tries to avoid the submissions of Gunnar and stop himself from being mounted. But Gunni works his game form the top, managing to take the back of his opponent.

And once Gunnar Nelson is on your back you are in trouble. As Fadiora tries to avoid the rear-naked choke, eventually Nelson manages to get the forearm across the face. So while the choke is not under the chin, it is across the face and so Fadiora is unable to breathe. Couple that with the brute force and his jaw is being squeezed and he taps. As Gunni racks up another win, again an undefeated fighter as his career at 170 lbs marches forward.

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