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One of The Calmest Fighters Alive | The Real Iron Fist Gunnar Nelson


Gunnar Nelson Is So Calm

Yin and Yang. That is the relationship John Kavanagh has said Gunnar Nelson and Conor McGregor share. Even though Conor has a pretty calm mind, wait till you see this guy… It’s a close call with Gegard Mousasi, but Gunnar might just be the calmest fighter in MMA.

Hello, Gunnars level of calm is just unbelievable. This is Conor McGregor giving him a Harley Davidson valued about as much as a down payment on a small home and that’s literally his reaction. That’s the face I make after a cute girl gives me her number and this dude is doing it for a Harley Davidson… His mental disposition pure ice.

Gunnar has actually been a member of SBG with Conor since they both started their martial arts careers. And to an extent, it could partially explain why they are both so calm. Perhaps it’s just an integral philosophy to John Kavanagh’s coaching style. Regardless, Gunnar easily has one of the lowest blood pressures I’ve ever seen in a warrior, inside the arena and out.

Gunnars initial discipline was karate, starting at the age of 13, he trained in Goju- Ryu, a traditional Okinawan style meaning hard and soft style.

The Brilliance of Gunnar

Hard for its linear closed hand strikes, and soft for its open and circular movements, naturally incorporating locks, grappling, and controlling techniques into the style. Which could partially explain the brilliance of Gunnar Nelson when he transitioned into jiu-jitsu under Renzo Gracie. Which he followed his heart towards despite being chosen as Iceland’s most promising up and coming Karate talent.

When we pair his karate with his jiu-jitsu, and then apply his supreme calm as the conductor to his decisions. His state of flow and shot selection start to make a little more sense. Let’s see this in action by breaking down a bit of his last fight with alan Jouban.


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