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GSP Talks UFC Comeback, Being Bullied & Luke Rockhold

GSP on His UFC Comeback, Being Bullied & Luke Rockhold

The former undisputed UFC welterweight champion Georges St Pierre on Hot 97 FM. GSP talks about his original reasons for stepping away from the sport. And now his reasons for returning to the sport. He discusses what type of fighter he is now versus the GSP of four years ago.

St Pierre chats about the differences which have occurred in the sport. And also the very public outing of performance-enhancing cheats.

He also talks about his youth and his loss record, if you want to call it that versus bullies. Georges talks about how only recently he was walking in the street and he saw one of his former bullies, now homeless and begging. But he wasn’t feeling sorry for the guy, he was embarrassed for him. A tall good looking in shape guy, now begging on the street.

Wouldn’t you know it, the same guy some months later turned up at GSP’s old family home. Looking for Georges and wanting to tell him that he was now back on his feet. And to thank him for helping him to turn his life around.

He talks about how the bullying he suffered turned him into the world champion we all know today. Georges brings us back to when he was a kid and the lack of confidence he had. Something he feels only added to him being bullied as he was easy prey.

Best Garbage man in the World

He also discusses the differences between Canadians and American’s in terms of culture. Him learning English, thinking in English as opposed to his native French tongue. And his time as a garbage collector in Montreal. One of the best jobs he ever did and some of the craziest stories from his time outside of professional fighting.

In an all-round interesting interview as Georges St-Pierre prepares to step back into the UFC octagon. To face the middleweight champion Michael Bisping for the title at UFC 217.

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