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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

GSP || Guard Passing in MMA || A Brendan Dorman Film Study

Georges St Pierre is the GOAT in UFC History

When GSP fought BJ Penn in his prime for their second go-round…… after a war in their first fight and death promises throughout the buildup, The GOAT, Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre became just that, and holds that title to this day.

This was on old scrapper from the buildup to the Bisping fight, but I thought I had lost it. So context may be a tad off but good information is still worth something eh?

The intention of this breakdown is to do something a little different and feel everyone out. I’ve been doing a lot of boxing breakdowns lately and needed a little something different.

So…. here I cover Georges fight (the second one) with BJ Penn in which we saw some of the most incredible guard passing ever against one of the best guards ever in a title fight. From hip-heists, to knee slices, and crucifix to jailbreaks there are certainly some things here for everyone I hope.


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