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Nick Diaz Defeats GSP During Conference Call

Georges St Pierre Defeated by Nick Diaz During Conference Call

Nick Diaz explains the finer points of being one’s self to GSP, before their UFC 158 fight. He gives his thoughts on him being pampered. As well as what he thinks of the welterweight champion having someone else send out his tweets. With all the talk of the French Canadian superstar making a return to the octagon at UFC 200. We thought it was good to go back over this infamous conference call between two of the top welterweights in the world.

George St-Pierre had ruled the roost at the top of the UFC’c welterweight division since taking the belt from Matt Hughes back in November 2006. With only one blip on his record in the form of Matt Serra. A loss that went down as one of the biggest upsets in all mixed martial arts history. Saint Pierre went on to defend his title successfully a total of 12 times. Before semi-retiring from the sport in 2014. Saint Pierre is one of the most successful athletes the sport has ever seen. And is regarded by many as the greatest p4p athlete to step inside the hallowed walls of the UFC’s octagon.

Since the time of his reign, the welterweight belt has been changed hands a total of two times. With Johny Hendricks being the first, then Robbie Lawlerwho continues to hold the belt till this day. With rumours abound of GSP making a return at UFC 200 later this year. How will the former champion, look should he return. All eyes will be on TriStar gym for any noodle of information that tells us we will definitely be seeing St-Pierre once again back inside the octagon come July 9th of this year. If any fighter can bring some weight to the UFC’s 200th main show, it’s GSP.

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