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Gregor Gillespie || Breakdown • Film Study • Highlights ᴴᴰ

A Gregor Gillespie Video Breakdown

“The Gift” Gregor Gillespie is an American former collegiate wrestler and professional mixed martial artist. As I type, the undefeated (13-0 with 6 Knockouts and 5 Submissions) LIMMA (Long Island MMA, I’ve trained there, is nice) fighter is ranked #11 in the official UFC lightweight (155 lb) rankings.

Though his flawless record has quite a few knockouts, what stands out to most is certainly his frenetically paced wrestling ability and credentials. He wrestled for Edinboro University, where he was a four-time NCAA Division I All-American and won a national championship in 2007.

I’m often asked who I think would be the toughest test for Khabib Nurmagomedov. And because Tony Ferguson is the type of dude that is hard to fight because he mashes all the buttons. I think the answer, potentially, is “The Gift”.


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