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Who Are The 10 Greatest UFC Fighters Of All Time

List of the 10 The Greatest UFC fighters of All time

Who are the greatest UFC fighters of all time can be somewhat of a subjective question? What are the criteria for making a pick? As if we were to base the pick solely on their record, we would have one result. However, with so many other factors to consider, it’s really not as simple as it may seem!

So who is the greatest to ever grace the octagon? Well, there is little doubting a select group exists including Georges St Pierre, Anderson Silva, Demetrious Johnson, Jon Jones, Randy Couture and others. So there is a rundown of who I feel are the best of the best, the cream of the crop. The dog cahones! Read on …

Georges Saint Pierre

When the question of who is the greatest UFC fighter to ever do it comes up. For many, the Montreal native Georges St Pierre is their number one choice. St Pierre holds the record for the longest reign in the UFC’s welterweight division.

Originally winning the belt at UFC 65 against Matt Hughes. In his very first title defence, Georges lost in a huge upset to massive underdog Matt Serra. A mistake he would not allow to happen again unifying the interim title at UFC 83.

Georges St-Pierre Joins the UFC Hall of Fame

St Pierre would go on to defend the title a record nine-times, signing off from the sport at UFC 167. However, the draw of competition kept the embers burning and a chance to add the middleweight title to his legacy proved too much.

And so four years later at UFC 217, St Pierre would take on and defeat Michael Bisping. Capturing the 185 title and cementing his legacy as one of the greatest MMA fighters the sport has known.

Jon Jones

The longest-reigning light heavyweight champion the UFC, Jon Jones. Is undeniably one of the best fighters of all time and at just twenty-one, the youngest champion in the promotion’s history. When at UFC 128 he took on and defeated one of his own idols in the sport, Mauricio Shogun Rua.

Jonny Bones would go on to rule over the 205 lb division with what seemed like relative ease. But it was his exploits outside the sport that often seemed to overshadow his greatness inside the octagon.

History of Jon Jones Title Defenses

Defending his title a total of eleven times, neck and neck with flyweight great Demetrious Johnson. The light heavyweight king is on record as saying he did not train and usually partied a lot between fight camps. Something which we see reflected in the legal issues he encountered.

But putting all that aside, few can question his abilities inside the cage. Beating a who’s who of the very best fighters in the world at 205 lbs. Jones will forever be remembered by many as the GOAT. A title hotly disputed by some other fighters of significance.

Randy Couture

No list for the greatest UFC fighter of all time would be complete. Without a certain Mr Randy Couture being added to the mix. Randy is a six-time UFC world champion across two weight divisions.

Competing back in the day when opponents sometimes outweighed one another by 100 lbs or more. Couture’s combination of Olympic level Greco Roman wrestling, combined with his always outstanding conditioning.

Top 10 Randy Couture moments

Meant that the usually older Couture would manhandle and exhaust his opponents. Later in his career he adding some good standup which again only helped to confound his opponents. But Randy was never stationary in terms of learning and was constantly adding new tools to his armoury.

And while the sport may have still been in its growing phase. There can be little doubting the effect Couture had on its development and what we now see today. Remembered fondly by most, his issues with Dana White and the UFC would somewhat, unfortunately, overshadow his time with the promotion.

Daniel Cormier

An Olympic wrestler, Daniel Cormier came to the sport of MMA after a decorated career representing the United States of America around the world. Already in his thirties, Cormier would make an instant impact in his newly flourishing career. Gaining three heavyweight championships outside the UFC. Before joining the promotion and quickly dispatching some of its biggest names.

But a move down to light heavyweight meant he had to once again reestablish himself in a new division. Winning all his bouts before stumbling against champion Jon Jones.

Top Finishes: Daniel Cormier

When Jones was no longer in the picture, Cormier would capture the 205 lb title. Defending it six times, including a rematch against the former champion.

A move back up to heavyweight and a win against Stipe Miocic made DC only one of two fighters to hold two UFC titles simultaneously. Quite an achievement for an athlete who came to the sport pretty late in his athletic career.

Jose Aldo Junior

The former WEC and UFC featherweight champion will forever be remembered as one of the most feared strikers in MMA history. Amassing a record of 25 – 1 between 2004 and 2015, Aldo was seen by many as an unbeatable champion.

Training out of Nono Uniao gym in Rio De Janeiro, he dominated the 145 lb division from 2009 to 2014. Reigning first in World Extreme Cagefighting, before becoming the inaugural featherweight champion in the UFC. A title that he defended a total of seven times.

Top Finishes: Jose Aldo

Many fighters pound for pound king, Aldo’s vicious standup and seeming inability to lose. Put him at the very top of the pile when the MMA GOAT question would be bandied about.

And while he lost his title to Conor McGregor in 2015. Aldo would once again win the interim belt, then lose to Max Holloway in the unification fight. Trying his hand at bantamweight, Jose is still seeking gold in his new home at 135 lbs. And regardless of the outcome, few can deny his standing as one of the very best fighters of all time.

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