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Sugar Ray Robinson Greatest Boxer Ever Pound For Pound!

The greatest boxer of all time Pound For Pound Sugar Ray Robinson!

The most dazzling, sensational boxer to ever grace the world. Sugar Ray Robinson (174 – 19 – 6)  is regarded by many as the greatest boxer that ever lived pound for pound. With some saying he’s the greatest sportsman that ever lived. Well, one thing for sure he will always be in the heart of true boxing fans. And amongst many of today’s best fighters in the world, Robinson is routinely placed in or around the number one position.

Back in the days of Sugar Ray, it was common for fighters to compete much more often than today. And before turning professional Ray fought some eighty-five times as an amateur, winning all of the fights. With some sixty-nine fights coming by way of knockout in the very first round.

On turning pro, Sugar Ray tore through the ranks, only losing one fights against Jake LaMotta in his one hundred and thirty-second fight. Competing against some of the toughest and most iconic fighters of that era. He would go on to win both the welterweight and middleweight world titles. And this way back in the day when there was only a single world champion in each respective weight class. When w compare to today where there is an untold amount of world title floating around the sport.

The Sugar Ray Robinson World Tour

Robinson would take his boxing skills on a world tour, taking on the very best in Europe. And throughout a series of three fights over just nineteen days, managing to defeat three of the very best Europe had to offer.

Sugar Ray Continued on his quest heading back to US soil and rematching with the only man to ever beat him, Jake LaMotta. In what would go down as one of the most destructive fights inside the boxing ring. Then in 1951 Robinson would lose his middleweight title to Randolph Turpin in the United Kingdom. A loss he would remedy just two months later with a tenth round stoppage of the British fighter.

Sugar Ray Robinson would go on to lose his title again, then return some three years later to regain the middleweight crown. And would continue to fight for a further 13 years, losing then rewinning his world middleweight championship. Then in 1965, finally deciding to call it a night and retire from the sport. With one of the greatest resumes boxing has ever known.

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