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Gökhan Saki – Skill Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights *NEW* UFC

Gokhan Saki – Skill Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights *NEW* UFC.

In recent MMA News Gokhan Saki has announced/confirmed that he has bypassed signing with Glory Kickboxing, in order to sign with the UFC. Details have yet to come to the surface, but one thing can be fairly certain….expect fireworks!

Old-School fans of high-level striking (K1 / Glory) have been pining for a chance to see a (likely USADA friendly) proven, championship-calibre striker in the UFC. With Saki, we get to see someone who has beaten some of the very best HW’s in the world compete at 205 in MMA / the UFC. ‘Turkish Tyson’ is an aggressive pressure fighter out of Mike’s Gym known for his hand speed and power.

For this one I will obviously get a bit deeper than ‘The Rebel’s’ speed or power, and show some of the nuanced strike selection and brilliant punches in bunches sequencing that has made Saki such a terrifying stand-up fighter over the last decade or so.

So while his grappling is entirely a question mark for now, let’s focus on the positive and hope we get to see one of the best strikers on the planet wearing 4 oz. gloves. Cheers.


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