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Giorgio Petrosyan || Breakdown • Skill Study • Highlights

Giorgio Petrosyan video breakdown

Giorgio Petrosyan, a technical wizard, and someone who I recently realized has been requested for years that I didn’t cover is Giorgio Petrosyan. The Armenian Born-Italian raised kickboxer, many would cite as one of the most talented strikers to ever grace the ring. A Southpaw, nicknamed “The Doctor” for his surgical precision, and notable technical skills, ring generalship and defensive prowess. He has defeated some of the best strikers in the world while taking little-to-no damage.

The Doctor is to Kickboxing (mostly K1 / Glory rules, i.e. no extended clinching nor elbows). What someone like Willie Pep, a young James Toney, or veteran Floyd Mayweather is to (Western) Boxing. With an 85-2-2 record, yet only 38 knockouts, Giorgio is a defensive wizard and brilliant counter striker. Displaying some of the best southpaw footwork and savvy ever seen in combat sports. This is a good study in southpaw striking tactics.

Inspired by Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts films, Giorgio started training in Muay Thai at 14. But was initially turned away from the gym for being too small. After some persistence, he eventually started his training under Alfio Romanut (Satori Gladiatorium Nemesis) gym and had his first fight at the age of 16. Though some may argue the now 32 year old Petrosyan is post-prime. He only has two one loss in the last 11 years to an awkwardly aggressive Andy Ristie.


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