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Gilbert Burns: How I became WORLD CHAMPION

Gilbert Burns Discussing how he became a BJJ World champion

Top UFC welterweight contender Dourinho Gilbert Burns faces the champion, Kamaru Usman, at UFC 258. As he seeks to add the 185 lb title to his other world championships he has held in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But behind this story of success is one of the great struggles. Working tirelessly in sports which in effect provide very little benefits in terms of monetary returns.

But Gilbert was a guy who had made the decision that he was going to reach the very top of his sport. Throwing caution to the wind and finding a way to get the job done. So he brings us through the stages in his life, from when he was just twelve years old and first began to train in BJJ. And while he was not initially very committed, he did love the competition aspect.

But it wouldn’t be until around the age of sixteen before he fell even more in love with the sport. Competing in every competition he could, from his home country of Brazil to the far off shores of the United States of America. And it was around this time that he quickly moved through the belts, from blue to purple, on to brown and then finally achieving his black belt.

And while he was training, he believed he was not applying himself fully to the sport. This really hit home in his first competition as a black belt where he lost in the finals. And it was this loss by a tiny margin to a guy who was ranked third in the world. Which would spur him on to drop out of college and follow his dreams.

Building a champions mindset

It was in this instant that Gilbert realized that in order to become a world champion, he had to change his mindset. And along with his coach, he began to form a plan on how he would go on to achieve his championship aspirations. From training to drilling, then competing. He established a routine which would go on to determine his future performances.

While the result was good in 2007, it would be 2009 where he would really begin to come into his own. Finishing the year with a second-place finish in the worlds. But it would be 2010 where he won the Brazilian nationals, as well as the Pro’s in Abu Dabhi, as well as the world No-Gi championships.

Borrowing some money in 2011, Gilbert made his way to Italy to compete. And making it all the way to the finals where he would lose to Kron Gracie. And as remembers it, he was doing really well. Feeling much stronger in the clinch, he, unfortunately, became somewhat overconfident. Allowing himself to lose focus and end up getting caught in a choke.

Becoming More hungry

And it was this loss to Gracie which would inspire Gilbert Burns to focus himself even more on his game. With more commitment, he sought to right the wrongs and at some point in the future not lose to those same people. And with this newfound focus and drive, he continued to improve and push himself to a whole new level.

With teammates and his coaches telling him how good he was looking. He approached the world’s with a winning mindset, but perhaps a little bit overconfident. Losing again in the finals, he knew exactly where he had gone wrong. Realising that he was not living in the moment and again losing his focus.

And his advice for fellow fighters is that you should always stay focused on the fight you are in. Paying attention to every little detail and not becoming overconfident. Thinking this is too easy and leaving yourself open to losing. Keeping your eye on the prize at all times, even if the fight is going exactly how it should.

Don’t for a moment think you have this one in the bag. Just keep fighting right until the end of the match. And now with yet another world title in his sights. Dourinho looks to make 2021 yet another great year in the life story.


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