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Gerard Gordeau Vs Kevin Rosier UFC 1

Gerard Gordeau and Kevin Rosier fought in the opening round of the UFC 1 tournament on November 12, 1993. This was the first-ever UFC event, and both fighters were relatively unknown to the American audience. Gordeau was a kickboxer from the Netherlands, and Rosier was a boxer from the United States. The two fighters had very different styles, with Gordeau relying on his striking and Rosier preferring to box.

Gordeau dominated the fight from the start, using his superior striking skills to keep Rosier at bay. He landed several kicks to Rosier’s legs and body, which visibly hurt the American fighter. Rosier was unable to mount any significant offense, and Gordeau eventually knocked him down with a powerful head kick. Gordeau followed up with several punches to Rosier’s head, forcing the referee to stop the fight and award Gordeau the win.

The fight between Gordeau and Rosier lasted only 59 seconds, making it one of the shortest fights in UFC history. Gordeau’s victory over Rosier was an impressive debut for the Dutch kickboxer, and it helped to establish him as a force to be reckoned with in the early days of the UFC. The win also set the stage for Gordeau’s next fight in the tournament, which would be against the legendary Royce Gracie.

Gordeau’s victory over Rosier was a testament to the power of striking in the early days of the UFC. In those days, many fighters were still learning how to defend against kicks and punches, and a skilled striker like Gordeau could take advantage of their lack of experience. However, as the sport evolved, fighters became more well-rounded, and the importance of grappling and ground fighting became more apparent.

Kevin Rosier’s loss to Gerard Gordeau was a disappointing start to his UFC career. Despite being a skilled boxer, Rosier was unable to adapt to Gordeau’s striking style and was overwhelmed by the Dutch fighter’s power. Rosier would go on to fight only one more time in the UFC, losing to Zane Frazier in the opening round of the UFC 4 tournament.

Gordeau’s victory over Rosier was not without controversy, however. After the fight, Gordeau made a derogatory comment about Rosier’s weight, calling him a “fat pig.” This comment drew criticism from some fans and fighters, who felt that it was disrespectful and unnecessary.

Despite the controversy surrounding his comment, Gordeau continued to compete in the UFC and other MMA organizations throughout the 1990s. He fought some of the sport’s biggest names, including Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, and Don Frye, and became known for his devastating striking ability.

The fight between Gordeau and Rosier is still remembered as one of the defining moments of the early days of the UFC. It was a classic striker vs. boxer matchup, and Gordeau’s victory helped to establish the importance of striking in the sport. The fight also highlighted the need for fighters to be well-rounded and to have skills in both striking and grappling.

In the years since the fight, the sport of MMA has grown and evolved significantly. Fighters are now more well-rounded than ever before, and the days of one-dimensional strikers like Gordeau and boxers like Rosier are largely gone. However, the legacy of the Gordeau vs. Rosier fight lives on, and it remains a classic example of the early days of the sport.

Overall, the fight between Gerard Gordeau and Kevin Rosier at UFC 1 was a historic moment in the sport of MMA.


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