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Georges St Pierre Talks Genghis khan, Big Balls & Gameplan’s

Georges St Pierre Talks Smart Fighters and Gameplan

(Interview begins at 1:24)

The former UFC welterweight champion, returning soon to the octagon George St Pierre. Was brought in as a special guest on fellow French Canadian internet show Louder with Crowder. Host Steven Crowder espouses his love for the sport of mixed martial arts. And his belief that St Pierre is the greatest fighter the sport has ever known.

The guys go on to talk about things which are important to French Canadians including cleanliness. How dusty basements became the focus before one of his fights. Along with his return to the cage facing Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight belt. As he looks to become one of the few fighters to hold titles in more than one weight division.

St Pierre Talks Life And Fighting

Georges talks about his life both in and outside the UFC octagon and about how he first become involved in the sport. Steven chats with him about how he first got to start training in Montreal when there was very little in ways of training facilities. St Pierre chats about how and with who he first started training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

St Pierre also goes on to talk about fighters using performance-enhancing drugs. And the fact that they are doing that is putting peoples lives at risk in the sport. He talks at length about his mission to rid the sport of PED’s and how taking out one person would not be enough. He was looking to change the system itself which allows the cheating in the first place. He talks about his rehabilitation following some major surgeries. Bringing this knowledge back to his fellow teammates allowing the to all progress.

He also talks about knowledge in terms of warfare. Historical figures like Genghis Khan and Royce Gracie. And how their knowledge meant they were able to do things no one else was able to deal with. Georges St Pierre then ends the conversation as he discusses his upcoming fight and gameplan. Al in all a great in-depth interview with one of the icon’s od MMA.

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