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GSP – Georges St Pierre | Breakdown • Skill Study • Highlights

GSP • Georges St Pierre | The Return of the King | The Return of the Martial Artist UFC 217

Breakdown • Film Study • Highlights Michael Bisping Conor *I had to re-do this everyone. I had too much fun making it.*

In one of the sports of MMA’s biggest nights, on the world’s biggest stage we saw the return of (p4p King) Georges St Pierre, and the return of the Bushido Spirit, the martial artist, and to anyone who’s ever stepped on a mat, that should mean something.

Because I’ve covered his technique/skill set at length in the past, I wanted to make something that went beyond the breakdown. This is certainly something a little different, as the Kasparov of MMA is slated to cement his legacy to the throne vs. Robert Whittaker.

The game of life, the game of combat. the game of thrones and zero-sum game of human chess. Study, and look for something beyond the blatant.

The tension was real, the mental warfare, the proverbial bully beat-down and the crowning of 3 new world champions. If there were a theme, (and this is not to say the non-victorious aren’t martial artists) it was that the person who embraced their inner Musashi, who “spoke softly and carried a big stick” that was victorious against the odds. This is a study in the evolution of the mixed martial artist. Let’s relive, shall we?


  • Fall of the Solar King – Twin Musicom
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  • United We Stand – Savfk
  • Not The King – Take Her Hand (Vlog No Copyright Music)

Clips provided by UFC/HBO (The Wire) Chess Scene – How To Play Chess [HD]

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