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Gennady Golovkin on Age Being Factor In Canelo Fight plus May/mac boxing

Gennady Golovkin talks Age In Canelo Fight Plus Talks Mayweather Vs. McGregor

Hard-hitting Boxer GGG Gennady Golovkin, speaks about his upcoming fight against Canelo Alvarez. The fan favourite joined Power 106 Los Angeles to discuss his upcoming super fight against the recently moved up Canelo.

“Everybody knows who is Canelo, everybody knows my style… So everybody is excited. I believe this date September 16th is the biggest day, not only for Mexican people, Independence Day. It is biggest day, biggest gift to boxing people, I feel. We are bringing the position of boxing back, like old-school.”

Canelo is the Mexican fighter in this bout. But GGG is also a loved by the Mexican fan base. It’s something Golovkin prides himself in giving back. His trainer is Mexican, he loves the food, the tradition of the country. Perhaps there’s a little big of Tijuana in Gennady Golovkin?

With Golovkin holding both the height and reach advantage. Gennady believes that the biggest in the fight for Canelo will be the age difference. So for him this balance out the overall advantages making it a 50/50 fight.

When asked about why Mayweather won’t fight him but will fight McGregor. He says that it’s simply business and an easy money fight. If you want a true boxing fight you watch September 16th. You want a show, then August 26th is for you. When asked about who his money would be on? It’s really not a serious fight for him and his focus is on his own fight.

He also talks a little bit about the rumour which has been floating around. That he may retire after this fight! Not a question any boxer wants to answer as they approach any fight, but especially such a historic massive boxing match on the calendar. So what did GGG have to say…

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