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Gegard Mousasi: Fighter Psychology in MMA

Psychology OF Fighters With Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi the no doubt one of the best fighters in the world right now. Here the Dutch-Armenian shares his thoughts on fighter psychology. For him, it all begins with the training. If you have done everything right in the gym if your conditioning is on point.

This is where the former Strikeforce champion believes that psychology starts. “It’s going to give you confidence.” Knowing you have done everything right! Once you are in the cage it’s all automatic.

Mousasi talks about how he never gets hurt in fights. “And with that, he gains confidence. He knows he will be alright, stating that the more you fight, the more relaxed you become. You’re going to have nerves, but the tension is good, it will keep you sharp.

In the lead up to the fight, knowing you can fail, you have that throughout the buildup fight week. But once you warm up, that is gone and you are ready to go”.

Not my enemy Says Mousasi

“No one thinks of their opponent as the enemy… Whatever you do, your opponent does it. Whatever sacrifices you make. Whatever time you put into your training, you know your opponent is doing the same. So I respect my opponents.

They also go through blood sweat and tears. I just fight without any emotions. That’s when you fight at your best. I think emotions are going to work against you. So I have nothing against my opponents.”

Gegard Mousasi currently riding a five-fight win streak sits at fourth place in the UFC middleweight rankings. With Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero set to face off for the number one contender spot. When will we see the Dreamcatcher getting his opportunity? Sooner rather than later we feel.

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